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Courtney Black's Ballroom Dance Baton Rouge would love the opportunity to host your next party or event. Our ballroom is ideal for small- to mid-sized wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversaries, dance parties, and more. Our facility has a total of 2,000 square feet of dance floor, with a side area that's perfect for serving catered food and beverages. Our facility can very comfortably seat 125 people while still allowing ample room for dancing.

To spice up your event, one of our professional instructors (for a nominal fee) could provide a special dance class or performance. This adds extra fun and excitement, making your event more unique. Our professional dance instructors can provide the same excitement that you see on Dancing with the Stars. Be sure to let us know if you might be interested in adding this to your event.

Rental Costs: The base rate for our facility rental is $125 per hour, with a three-hour minimum * required in order to rent the facility. A cleaning fee of $55 (flat fee) is required in addition to the base rental fee.


  Additional Amenities Available for Rent:  
  • BDBR stereo equipment ($70 flat fee) PLUS BDBR staff DJ ($60/hour)  
  • Side room for serving catered food and/or drinks ($40 flate fee)



• Rental includes fifteen rounded tables (which seat four people each) plus two rectangle tables (which seat eight people each) for available seating for a total of about 75 people. (We can discuss the various options available if it is indicated below that more than 75 people will be in attendance.)

  *Costs of additional amenities may vary. Please be sure to read the
Studio Rental Policies below for more details.

Of course, every event is different, so we would like to discuss your event with you to make sure we give you every option you have with renting our facility.

Please fill out the short form below so we can get an idea of what your needs and wants are. We will then be able to let you know exactly how we can meet your needs. We will contact you to discuss your possible rental needs via telephone within 1-3 days after you submit the requested information below.

Studio Rental Information Request Form:
First Name:   Last Name:   E-mail Address:
Date of Event: (mm/dd/yyyy)   Home Telephone #: (xxx-xxx-xxxx)   Cell Phone #: (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Type of Event:   Estimated Number of Attendees:   Total # of Hours Needed for Event:
(Please include setup/breakdown time.)
Will you want to rent the DJ/Stereo Equipment and a studio DJ?  
Will you want access to the side room for catering and/or beverage service?  
Will you want to have our professional instructors perform a dance?  
Any Additional Information? Let us know any other pertinent information about your event or needs, such as desired start and end times.


Studio Rental Policies

Payments & Reservations
• Payment options include: Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), Check, Cash, or BDBR Gift Card.
We require a $300 security deposit in addition to 50% of total rental cost in order to secure the date/time for the rental. Facility rentals are not confirmed until the deposit and initial 50% rental cost has been paid. The remaining 50% balance is due prior to the date of the event. All rentals fees must be paid in full prior to event. The $300 deposit will be returned within one week after the rental, based on inspection after event. We secure a deposit in the event there is damage to the facility, including the professional floated dance floor, specifically built for the ballroom dance studio. The initial payment (including the $300 security deposit and initial 50% of subtotal) is non-refundable if renter cancels event once initial payment is made.

Setup & Breakdown
• Please consider that you need to include your setup and breakdown time in the total rental time. BDBR will give one additional hour for FREE for you to include for setup/breakdown. For instance, if you rent the studio for the three-hour minimum, you will have four total hours for the setup, the event, and the breakdown. It is important that events are not extended beyond the pre-arranged rental time. Additional charges will be incurred for extended time beyond the end of the agreed rental time at the rate of $125 for every additional 60 minutes outside of rental time. (Additional charges will be pro-rated accordingly. For example, if you rented until 5:00pm and you stay until 5:15pm, you will be billed for an additional $31.25 - to be paid within 30 days.)
• At the end of the event, anything brought into the studio by the renter must be removed from the facility.

Stereo Equipment
• BDBR's stereo system may only be used with BDBR Staff DJ for the flat fee PLUS hourly DJ fee. Additional charges will be incurred for extended time beyond the end of the agreed rental time at the rate of $60 per hour for every additional 60 minutes outside of rental time. (Additional charges for DJ hourly fee will be pro-rated accordingly. For example, if you rented until 5:00pm and you stay until 5:15pm, you will be billed for an additional $15 - to be paid within 30 days.) BDBR reserves the right to determine if the renter is required to utilize the services of in-house. The renter may choose to bring in an outside DJ for an event; however, the DJ will be responsible for supplying all equipment and music. The renter is responsible for any damages to studio property as a result of the DJ or his/her equipment.

Food & Beverage
• The studio does not provide in-house catering. Food & beverage are the responsibility of the renter. This would include, but is not limited to the following: food, beverage and service of food, warming trays, utensils, platters, dishes, silverware, table clothes, ice, etc. Food and beverages are only to be served out of the side room. Ice chests must be stored in the side room and are not allowed on the dance floor. Spilled food and/or beverages must be cleaned up immediately. Any damage to studio chairs, tables, or dance floor due to spilled drinks or food will result in a forfeit of the security deposit. The renter is responsible for any damages to studio property as a result of the caterer or his/her equipment.

Tables, Chairs & Dance Floor
• BDBR will provide for your use enough tables and chairs to accommodate 70-75 people. BDBR will also provide an 8-foot banquet table for food service.
• The renter may bring in additional tables and chairs that have rubber feet at no expense. Otherwise, BDBR will provide the additional tables and chairs needed at an additional cost. (Cost will be dependant on the number of additional chairs/tables needed.)
• Renter must have any additional tables/chairs used expressedly approved by BDBR management. Standing or sitting on tables and/or chairs is prohibited. Damage to studio chairs or tables will result in a forfeit of your deposit. Damage to studio floor (scuffing/cutting/marring/staining/water damage, etc) will also result in forfeiture of your deposit and may also result in additional charges being incurred.
No item shall be dragged across the floor or dropped onto floor to cut or mar the floor. Additional charges for floor will be dependant on total amount of floor damage.

Event Decorations
• Decorations must be restricted to the tables or be free standing. No tape, staples, or nails are to be used on the walls, floors, doors or ceiling. Damage to walls, floors, doors or any other structure within the building, will result in a forfeit of your deposit. Candles may be used in approved containers and must be supervised at all times.

Conduct & Injuries
• Any offensive activity will be halted immediately. Renter is responsible to make sure that the conduct of all individuals in the building is proper. BDBR reserves the right to immediately terminate any event at which it deems conduct is improper. No return of rental will be due. Smoking or use of any other tobacco products inside building is strictly prohibited. Renter is responsible for any damages to the building or equipment caused by misconduct of guests and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless BDBR and its members for any and all injuries or damages such guests may cause.
• Renter holds BDBR free and harmless from any and all claims for damages or personal injuries incurred or sustained by you or your guests during the event, setup, or cleanup. Renter is responsible for any damage to the premises, furniture, fixtures, or equipment regardless of the cause of such damage.





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