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Studio Policies & Procedures

In an effort to provide our clients with the best customer care and finest dance instruction, we ask that you take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following policies and procedures:

Payment Methods

Registration and payment must be received in advance to guarantee spot. Payment options include: Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), Check, Cash, or BDBR Gift Card. Payments can be made online through our management system (see "Log In / Sign Up" above) or in person at the studio.

Payment for group classes is due in full prior to or at the time of registration (either online or at the studio prior to the beginning of the first session of the group class).

Payment for semi-private lessons is due in full prior to the start of the semi-private lesson.

Payment for the 8-lesson, 16-lesson, and 24-lesson private packages (including wedding dance lesson packages) should preferably be made in full prior to the first lesson of the packages. While payment in full gives students greater discounts on the lessons, a payment plan is available for private lesson packages (which requires credit card on file). Students can pay an initial 50% down-payment on the package prior to the first lesson, then pay the remaining 50% balance within 30 days. If the payment for the remaining 50% balance is made after 30 days, a $15 late fee will be assessed for every 30 days payment is not made. A service fee will be charged for use of the payment plan.

Contact the studio via phone at 225-308-4014 or via email at info@ballroomdancebr.com if you have any questions about payment methods or payment plans for private lesson packages.

Returned Checks

Returned checks are subject to a $25 NSF fee.

Refunds for Dance Lessons/Classes

Please note that there are no refunds for purchased classes or private lessons - except for severe medical reasons or due to relocation more than 100 miles from the studio for employment - once participation in a group class, private group class or private lesson has begun. *In the event of such aforementioned medical or work-related conditions (verification may be requested), any refund must be approved by management and is subject to a cancellation fee equal to 20% of the total price of the purchased service(s). There will be a 45 day waiting period on any refund approved by management. Studio memberships are non-refundable once the membership is activated. Studio memberships cannot be placed on hold for periods of time during student unavailability. Gift certificates/cards cannot be refunded once purchased. At the discretion of the management, credit may be given toward future classes or lessons in special circumstances.

Group Class Attendance & Cancellation Policies

• All 8-week group glasses and private group classes must be paid for in-full, in advance. Early registration and payment via our online management system at http://bizmanager.ballroomdancebr.com can help guarantee a spot, should a group class reach maximum capacity. Students can also pay on a per-session basis (although it is cheaper to purchase the 8-week group class in full).

• There may be multiple instructors and lessons on the dance floor at any time. Group classes and instructors are subject to change at the discretion of management.

• Please, arrive on time to classes to allow for prompt beginning of the class. All group classes are 50 minutes in length. This allows time for instructors to assess and communicate with students (regarding their progress and/or other services offers) as well as to take care of any other studio matters between classes/lessons.

A minimum of four students is required for a group class to take place. BDBR reserves the right to cancel a class if less than four students register for class. In the event of a group class cancellation, students who were registered and paid for the class will receive a full credit on their account for use in another scheduled class.

• There are no make-up sessions for clients who miss or are unable to attend any scheduled group class sessions, nor can a refund or credit be given for missed sessions.

Private Lesson Attendance & Cancellation Policies

• Private lessons are 50 minutes long, unless otherwise specified, and are by appointment only. It is recommended that a private lesson is booked at least one week in advance to secure the desired day and time and chosen instructor. Private lessons can be booked during normal business hours and are subject to instructor's availability. The earlier one books a lesson, the better the chance of securing your desired day/time and instructor. Contact studio via phone at 225-308-4014 or via email at info@ballroomdancebr.com for scheduling details.

Students should check in at the front desk when arriving for a scheduled private lesson. Our instructors can become quite booked throughout the day, so as a courteousy to the instructors and other students, we ask that students show up on time for their scheduled lessons.

• To ensure that the instructor of your choice is available, a "Standing Lesson" may be scheduled. A standing lesson means that a student will have the same day and time with his/her instructor every week. This lends to continuity of learning, as well as a simplified schedule. Standing lessons can only be made when a student is on a private lesson package of eight, sixteen, or twenty-four lessons. If a standing lesson is cancelled three or more times within a month, a student risks forfeiting the scheduled standing day/time.

• There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all private lessons whether you have a standing lesson or not. If it becomes necessary to cancel an appointment, notice must be given via telephone or email before the close of business (8:30pm) on the day prior to the lesson (referred to as an "early cancellation") in order to avoid being charged for that lesson. Lessons may be rescheduled with advance notice without incurring any penalty. If an appointment is cancelled on the day of a lesson (referred to as a "late cancellation"), one lesson will be deducted from the student's private lesson package. If a single lesson is purchased and the appointment is cancelled on the day of the appointment, that lesson will be charged and a new lesson will have to be paid for when scheduled. (Deduction of a lesson from a student's package is done at the instructor's and management's discretion.)

• A private lesson guarantees optimal individual attention from an instructor; however, please note that it is not a guarantee that a student will have a private room. BDBR is one large, open-floor facility so the studio is typically shared with other private lessons and perhaps even a group class taking place. In these instances, the music is shared on an equal basis, as our instructors want to ensure equality of instruction.

• The pricing of private lessons is based on one or two students participating. If a lesson has more than two students, it is considered a semi-private lesson, which has a different rate. Please ask for semi-private lesson rates at the front desk. 


We sincerely thank you for your business, and look forward to seeing you on the dance floor.

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